Why SuJoku?

In 1995 Joe started joe-ks.com, now known as the Largest Source of Internet Humour with over 8 million hits per month. Shortly after Wayne Gould first made SuDoku puzzles popular in England in November 2004, Joe became addicted to the lure of SuDoku puzzles, and wanted to include them in his joe-ks.com site. Using his background in engineering and computer science, Joe developed a C computer program to create and solve SuDoku puzzles, and since then he has continuously improved upon the original design.

During Joe's SuDoku Guinness™ World Record Event (in Nov, 2006), a friend of Joe's suggested a name that captured a common theme between humour and SuDoku. Already being the joe in joe-ks.com, the perfect solution became SuJoku.com - for joe, the joe in SuJoku.com!

About the Author
Joe has an electrical engineering background, and holds the 1st university degree granted by B.C.I.T. (Computer Systems). Following his executive M.B.A. from Ivey School of Business (VEMBA '99, University of Western Ontario), Joe has been a Project Manager, Business Planning Manager, and an Asset Planning Manager at BC Hydro. Now in retire-meant mode, Joe enjoys spending time with his nine grandchildren and playing solo handbells, while not occupied with world record events and publishing SuJoku books.

SuJoku Books
Coinciding with the rollout of SuJoku.com (Dec 2007) was the release of the 2nd SuJoku book: 2fer 'One Choice' SuDoku. This book is an extension of The World's Longest SuDoku Puzzle, and was followed by Joe's third book - Quad (Hyper) SuDoku (available early 2008). All three books - with diagonally joined puzzles - have extended "The World's Longest SuDoku Puzzle" to a length of 996 puzzles. After three more books (Sierpinski, X-Factor and Trivia Sudoku), Joe has concentrated on creation of (A) the World's First 3D Sudoku puzzle (featured in The World's Greatest Treasure Hunt, launched in 2010). Since then, Joe has posted 3D sujoCube puzzles online in 2013, followed by (B) World-first 6D sujoCube puzzles online in 2015.
For Direct book and online sales, see site links SuJoku Books and e-Booklets, or order through Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble.

Cheers - you're well on your way to becoming a SuJokuholic!
Joe Defries
the joe in joe-ks.com and SuJoku.com



* Kudos to Wayne Gould, a former Honk Kong judge, who came across Su Doku in a Tokyo bookshop, created a program to create the puzzles, and brought them to The Times in England. Since the 1st Sudoku puzzle appeared on 12 November 2004, Sudoku has gained phenomenal popularity throughout the world...

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