Longest SuDoku Marathon


During a live internet broadcast Guinness World Record Event, Joe Defries completed 201 of the 640 SuDoku Puzzles from the publication, "The World's Longest SuDoku Puzzle", published by First Choice Books, Victoria, B.C.

This book contains 640 puzzles chained diagonally, created specially for this event by Joe - in honour of the B.C. Children's Hospital. For this event, Joe used a blown-up version of the puzzle, scrolled over and under the table by means of an invention created by B.C.I.T. welding instructor Al Wood.

The event was part of the Guinness World Records Week, November 6-12, 2006. The net proceeds (from GiveMeaning.com plus further donations) went to the B.C. Children's Hospital Foundation.

For further information about Joe's other Guinness™ World Record, visit possibells.com.


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